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Kerry Järveläinen

Photographer | Artist



(+44) 07383 995 793


I'm a photographer based in Manchester, UK. In my earlier years I studied at Stockport College and obtained a HND in Media. 

One of our modules was Photography, both digital and film. This for me was by far my favourite part of the course and opened up a whole new section to me. 19 years later and I am still photography mad.

 “Capturing moments in time, that we can keep forever is what I love about photography.”

Animals, nature and landscapes, is ultimately where my heart is but I do also like how you can use the camera, lights and other things to be expressive and create more art like work.

Where my experience has come from....

I have gained many years of experience from small clubs to arena size stages, taking photos for music artists across Finland. Assisted on Video projects and live feeds for shows.

Spent years and still spend a lot of time outside, especially in nature, which makes you learn how to use natural light. And finally, photography was/is my hobby, a hobby which I put 100% into. I do photoshoots for fun because I love playing with lighting, props and ideas. This in turn has given me a lot of knowledge and of course fun.

My mission is to inspire you.

This website is a place for me to share my journey in the photography world through my pictures, creations, ideas and tips

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