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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Idea: Using a large picture frame to create an illusion of the model coming though.



-Battery powdered LED panel light

- Frame

and of course a camera (I'm using the Canon7D), lens, which I am using a wide angel Canon lens and a model/object.

Model : Ashely-Jayne

One thing that I did not take into account was how thin my frame is compared to the background I had first chosen which was very busy (as in lots going on with twigs and trees). Also the frame being the colour black did not help matters.

TIP LEARNT..... Try to think ahead about the props you are using and the location backgrounds.

trees woods forest

After a few shots, decided this isn't the right place. So we moved onto the next location about 2 minutes away.

This place is much better. Once you have have found your angle, set up the tripod and take a picture of the background with no subject, then with out moving the tripod or camera take photos of the model or object.

When you have chosen which photos you would like to use . Stack them in Photoshop and this is the easiest way to remove items from photo.

Below is the image of the model Vs the final image.

frame model leaves creative photography

Here are a couple more final edits from this set.

ISO 640 F/5 1/125

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