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Updated: Aug 19

A gathering of awesome people


Manchester UK 13|08|23

marked skateboards sticker on ledge


A UK based skateboarding brand who relaunched in 2021.

They have been waiting for the Manchester weather to sort its self out. After 4 attempts its finally here, their....

Skateboard Jam at Lostock Park.


Marked skateboards banner at skatepark

Documentary style photography is my favourite kind. I am in love with just capturing the day/event, taking pictures of everything, to create a digital memory file for everyone to keep.


Images taken on a mix of the Canon 7D, R5 and Dji Mini2

Go check out the full video from the day at Latest Videos | MarkedSkateboards

A massive Thank you to all involved. You created a gathering of awesome people, good memories and lots of smiling faces.

If you see any photos of yourselves and would like to obtain them please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can drop us a message on here through the contact form OR Instagram @kerryjarvelainen | @_kmjvisual_

If you like skateboarding check out

The S K A T E B O A R D I N G scene (

BAZRA-DAY | Documentary Photography (

Please leave any comments or questions if you have any :)

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