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Sunstars & Landscapes

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Hobby Photography - M O R N I N G W A L K S

The Peak District starting at 0600 on Friday 8.4.22

two people sat at a ledge looking out onto a valley sun rising in background beautiful colours
Morning Views

We headed of from Manchester at 0430, arriving at the location for 0545. We did stop off for a wonderfully bland McDonalds coffee. On this occasion we had not set of to capture the sunrise, in fact we were not really expecting anything, we just wanted to get out.

The Hobby Side

Photography started out as a hobby for me when I was 17 years old and since then I have pretty much taken my camera every where with me. You'll never know what you might see.

I like taking and creating images of anything and everything but mostly love taking pictures of landscapes, animals and friends. Creating a nice little visual memories for myself and others.

Below are the images I took on :

C A M E R A S | Canon 7D + DJI Mini 2 + Huawei p30Pro

L E N S ES | 16-35mm + 70-200mm

Follow the adventure on Instagram @kezzjarvelainen
Follow the photography on Instagram @kerryjarvelainen
Hope to see you there.

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