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Fast Action

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Last weekend of summer, there was a little festival in Hull. Team Extreme were there entertaining the crowds and as well as putting on demonstrations, the guys from the team would offer mini coaching sessions to any member of the public who wanted to have a go.

Tips from the day....

  • Shoot in high continuous mode.

  • Have a decent size memory card - I only had my 32G SD card which could not keep up with the camera. For this kind of event I would of used one of the 128G SD.

  • Check backgrounds - The clearer the background, the clearer your subject will be.

  • Try different angels - Especially if you have a camera which has a flip out screen. place the camera on the ground and angel it up. Or the opposite, hold the camera above your head and angle it slight down.

  • Frequently check last image taken - Just to quickly scan the exposure and if you need to make any amendments.

The images below were captured Using a mixture of two lenses, Canon 70-200 F2.8 III + Canon 16-53mm F2.8 III and camera body was the Canon 7D. One cheeky image was taken by the DJI mini2.

BMX | Mark Webb + Jack

Skateboard | Dave Monaghan

Aggressive Inline Skate | Doug + Ste

Scooter | Luke Potter

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