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Smokey Dance

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I have always wanted to capture dance and so found a dancer willing to part take in some photo fun.

First task was to find a local location where we were not going to disturb anyone and then take a couple of test shots.

When using the smoke bombs I always like to rehearse movements and whilst the model is doing this I like to take photos. I can then quickly scan back and check lighting, if i need to change shutter speed, ISO. I also look at poses because you might find a pose you didn't think about but really like or even the other way round. In my head something could look good but on camera its a different story.

Once we are happy we then set off the smoke bomb.

Equipment for this shoot :

Camera : 7D mkII Lens : Canon 70-200mm

This lens in not ideal as is it a telescopic and your subject needs to be quite far away, but I really love the pictures it produces.

Dancer : Elise

Below are some more jump shots plus a couple of smoke ones.

- Regarding the smoke bombs-

I always take a bottle of water with me incase of fire. We always take all rubbish home/find a bin.

And always respectful of people around

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