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Want to know how to do make a transition video?

21 Photos | CapCut - Pendulum

LEVEL : Easy

not in paid sponsorship - just a good free app

First you are going to need a Video Editing App

I'm using CapCut on Android. It is available on Apple App Store too. It's not a problem if you use a different app, you just might not have the same transitions or effects.

21 (or more) Photos/Images


The Process

  1. Create a file on the computer called 21 photos or create a file on your phone.

  2. Pick a topic | I chose my favourite pictures of people I've collected over the years.

  3. Place them all into the new folder you've created. If you have created the folder on your laptop/computer then you will need to transfer that folder to your phone as the application is on there.

  4. Open CapCut App - Select New Project - Albums - Choose desired folder - Select Photos

  5. Click ADD

  6. Undertime line click Add Audio - extracted - chose video with sound | this will

  7. Edit photos using the timings below or do your own but make sure each photo changes on the beat .

All in order

1 x 1.4 - 1.6 sec (depends on how long you want the intro)

1 x 0.8 sec

7 x 0.4sec

1 x 0.8 sec

1 x 0.4 sec

1 x 0.8 sec

4 x 0.2 sec

1 x 0.9 sec

2 x 0.4 sec

1 x 1.2 sec ( or how ever long you want to extend)


  1. Select picture - Animate - combo

  2. Select Pendulum 1 then select Pendulum 2

  3. Repeat step 1-2 for every photo

  4. Once your happy, in the top right corner there is an export symbol. Click that to export your video.

Now you have a simple structure try different transitions and music. Have a play but mostly just have fun creating little videos from your photography.

Come join me on

Instagram @kerryjarvelainen | FaceBook @kmjvisual

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