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Dull Days, No Problem


skateboarder on ramp and doing flat ground tricks. picture of videographer filming.

A way to spice up your photos when the clouds cover the sun or have a dark/dull background.

The easiest way (I would confidently say all basic editing apps have the option of) is the use of the dark vignette. This blends with the dark background, takes out any distractions and focuses the eye to your subject. If you have more of an advanced editing program, you can play about with the vignette settings a lot more.

This is a very quick and easy way of how I edit on days like these.

Maybe this can help give you an idea where to start with yours.

two of the same image showing difference in an edit. Skateboarder on ramp

Above is the raw image, straight from the camera and the edited version. Nothing major but slight tweaks to make the image pop and draw your eye the the focal point.

Here are some basic adjustments you can make to start you off (you should have these options for most basic editing apps)




TIP: Practice changing your Aperture and ISO on your camera. So you know where you need to go without hesitation. This can prepare you for when the light changes quickly. If you need to you can also change your Shutter Speed - But for fast action the faster your shutter, the quicker the capture.

Of course there are many different ways in which you can achieve the same effect or even edit a photo. So Remember there are no right or wrong ways.

Have fun!

I have been working with KMJvisual to start producing tools to help you with your photography. We have now uploaded the first batch of our Digital Photography Planners, go check them out here!

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