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Bring old images a new lease of life

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Sometimes we are not too sure what we can do. When I start having that mentality I will do one of a few things...

  • Organize hard drives - delete un wanted images, file/archive images no longer in use from this I find little gems which 1) remind me of good times and 2) can use it for a project

  • Re-edit old photos and see how much your style has changed, if at all

  • create a completely new feel to the photo by using an editing program to manipulate the image.

For this I have chosen an image taken back in 2015 on the Canon650D with the standard kit lens.

ORIGINAL IMAGE : This is Eller, a family member which are unfortunately no longer with us

Another reason I love taking photos. Builds an archive of happy memories.

To start with, I took out the fencing in the background and then proceeded to use one of my own presets in Lightroom to give a little bit more texture and take away some shadows.

After that was completed, I did wonder if I could create a horse in the shadows after learning so many new skills over the past 5 years and here is the final result

Coming soon is a step by step guide on how to create this !

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