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Drawn to the Dark Side

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I had an idea in my head and even though it was late at night I wanted to create it. This actually took two nights to complete due not liking the images from the first night.

You will need :

  • Tripod

  • Camera

  • Trigger or timer on camera

  • lights - as you wish

  • Editing programme

Set the tripod and camera into position and set your focus. (Its important not to move the camera/tripod)

TIP : If you are able turn off auto focus and manually focus the camera. When working on my own I use a light stand or any tall/large object to focus the remove item and place myself in the spot.

Set the timer to go and have fun experimenting with poses and ideas.

You will need to do two sets of photos, one for the reflection and one for the person/object looking in. Once you are happy with your photos upload them onto your editing software, chose the two you like and merge them together (There is a separate tutorial coming on how to do this)

Camera 7D Lens Canon 16-35mm

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