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Didn't Go As Planned

Updated: Sep 3, 2022


To work with the lovely Natasha for a location shoot with smoke bombs, somewhere rural in daylight with ruins - Simple right?


The week leading up to the shoot, things started to go wrong. Firstly my car decided it needed new parts, so was on crutches for 4 days. But okay not a problem, we will stay local and find a spot in the local woods/park.

Secondly the rain, it's very consistent here in Manchester. But it could stop for shoot day.

Thirdly, I had something come up which meant I was not available until 1400.

It is the night before and the temperature has dropped, the sun disappears around 1530 and of course it's still raining. Which c'mon Kerry.. we are in December... what did you expect.

We have been waiting so long for us both to be free at the same time, that I am not cancelling, lets just changes plans and see what happens.

So plan number two. Head over to the prop box and grab two hats, couple balloons + helium and prepare the flash lights and other lighting equipment.


For the photos above: 1x flash with soft box. White painted wall for back ground. Camera used 7D MKII ISO 200 F-7.1 Lens: Canon L series 16-35mm


Looking out the window I notice it's not raining. Right get your wellies on and we shall use my back garden. Lucky enough to have a field behind me so we wouldn't be disturbing any one as the smoke can gather quite thickly if there is no wind.


For the photos above: 2x LED battery operated panels. Camera used 7D MKII ISO 1000 F-4 Lens: Canon L series 16-35mm

If you have managed to make it down to here, then thank you for reading :)

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